Mission Statement

At Hana, the road to healing starts with the land we cultivate from; our goal is to sustainably raise premium hemp strains in order to provide our customers affordable, organic CBD products.

Why We Started This Adventure

Today more than ever, you are only a few clicks away from another horrifying story of the harmful effects of opioid pain medications wreaking havoc on patients and their families. These drugs have major side effects that can have an incredible effect on a patient’s quality of life. We have had a chance to work in this pain market and it has allowed us to observe firsthand all of the staggering side effects of this traditional pain treatment. We saw that patients confronting serious chronic pain had very few treatment alternatives other than a regiment of expensive and addictive narcotics. When a family member started looking for more nontraditional treatment options, we became fascinated by the healing properties of hemp. Driven to make sure other friends and loved ones had access to not only pure but affordable CBD, Hana Hemp Co. was born.

What Makes Hana Hemp Co. Different

Our hemp is raised on local farms. Other CBD companies heavily rely on importation of hemp from other countries, often unwary of harmful pesticides. Our organic farming techniques ensure that all of our plants have been grown pesticide and herbicide free. All our plants are grown using sustainable farming techniques. In fact, the farms we selected have taken it a step further to become certified “regenerative” farms. This means that everything the farm needs is sourced within the farm! It is an incredible farming technique that not many others can boast. Pigs, goats, horses, sheep, dogs, are all raised alongside all of the Hemp plants. This creates an ecosystem where all species become mutually beneficial for each other.

All of our products are excellent quality! We use only the best of our organically farmed hemp to make our CBD oil and the other ingredients added to our products are organic as well (hemp seed and coconut oil) This ensures the whole product you receive from Hana Hemp Co. is completely healthy and non-harmful.

We also pride ourselves on making sure our products are affordable for our customers. We truly got into this business to help people and we do not believe in charging and arm and a leg for our products!

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