CBD extract from Hemp can be an amazing addition to your pet’s daily routine. Pets, just like all mammals, can benefit from CBD oils found in hemp. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to help keep a state of homeostasis within the body. This helps with the bodies response to many things including sleep, immune response, anxiety levels, and appetite. CBD is one way to help keep your pet healthy and happy!

CBD is being used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Many people use them to;

Help treat seizures and epilepsy

Reduce an animal’s anxiety

Relieve chronic pain


Add as a daily supplement to increase overall health

There are a few ways to add CBD oils to your pet’s daily routine. Hana Hemp Co has a tasty dog treat that you can give once daily or as needed as well as a supplement that can be added to their dog food. Be sure to look at the label carefully when ordering CBD products as many of them have hemp oil but do not actually contain CBD! All of Hana Hemp Co’s pet products contain full spectrum oil derived from hemp that is organically cultivated! They contain the same high-quality hemp extract that goes into our all our products for human consumption so you can be assured that they are the very best quality.

Please take some time to look over our customer reviews to see how helpful Hana Hemp Co.’s pet products have been for their animals!

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