Recovery – 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil


600mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1 fluid ounce – 20mg CBD per serving
100% Organic
Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free
Ingredients; Organic CBD hemp oil, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, and organic coconut oils.
This product cannot be used for vaping.



 For those who experience chronic pain, discomfort, anxiety, or have troubles sleeping, Hana Hemp Pain Tinctures can offer natural relief without the nasty side effect of prescription meds. Our Pain Tincture contains 600mg of Full Spectrum CBD oil, approximately 20mg per 1mL serving. This tincture blend contains only 3 ingredients: organic hemp extract CBD oil, organic pressed hemp seed oil and organic coconut (MCT) oil. We believe in a pure process to address body ailments and this all-natural solution is our most popular CBD oil blend due to its effectiveness in treating these common conditions. If you aren’t equally convinced after 30 days of trying our Pain Tinctures, contact us for a full refund. That’s our pledge to you.